We are often asked what the U8-U10 Academy is about.  This post is an attempt to answer some of those questions.

The Academy program is designed to teach U8-U10’s the fundamentals of soccer in a fun atmosphere. It is a step beyond recreational league soccer in that practices occur more often (generally two 90 minute sessions per week) and are more focused on skill development than “winning”. The academy program is the training grounds for future Classic (and high school or possibly college) players. Players devote much of the practice time to “on the ball” skills. Dribbling, cutting, “moves,” shooting, passing, and receiving, are all stressed. This time, while players are young, is the time to teach them these fundamentals they will use throughout their soccer career. Strategic development of spacing, width, attacking, and defending are also taught with less emphasis but are developed through games and scrimmages. Voluntary play dates and statewide festivals with other academies are organized and games are held, but scores and records are not kept. The academy is all about development of the player skills, but more importantly the fostering and encouragement of the kids love for the game.

Here is a nice presentation by the NCYSA that further discusses it.  CLICK HERE

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the fees?  

The WYSA fees are about $400 for the entire year.  This does not include uniform costs or any tournament or travel expenses, although these are fairly minor.  The fees are payable in three installments.

Where do I get the uniforms?

The team manager will let you know this, but EB Sports in Wilson carries all the WYSA gear.  The uniform cost will be about $100 and includes 2 full sets of gear.

Who are the coaches for 2013-2014?

The girls coaches are Scott Summers and Chris Mizelle.  The boys are coached by Chad Halverson, Vasily Yakimkin, and Ricardo Oliveria. Practices are typically held at Barton College soccer fields.

I’d like my child to play, what do I do now?

Tryouts are held each May, but for the Academy we will generally accept players throughout the year.  If you have questions, please contact Matt Akins at or Richard Frazier at

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