Executive Director: Richard Frazier – – (252) 205-2862

Director of Coaching: Matt Akins – – (252) 289-5628

Board of Directors – President: Kim Kilpatrick – – (252) 363-5868

8 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Dawn Bynum

    I’ve looked everywhere on the Summer Explosion tournament website and cannot find the address to mail our registration fee. I also checked my confirmation email and the information was not there either. Can you please provide the mailing information.

    Thank you,
    Dawn Bynum

    1. wysa Post author

      Hey Dawn,
      Sorry for the difficulty. It’s on the register page. I should make it more accessible.

      P.O. Box 3112
      Wilson, NC 27895

      Thanks and see you soon,

  2. Kelly

    I recall there bring a website where t shirts from the Wilson Explosion Cup could still be ordered.
    What is that address or link?

    Thank you!


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