WYSA FEES 2013-14 - Here is a list of the fees for this year.

2013-14 Age Division Chart or 2013-14 Age Matrix - Want to know what age group you are?  Here’s your place.

WYSA By-Laws and Rules May 6, 2013

PLAYER PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT-revised - Required for Registration

Player Participation Agreement Spanish

PARENTAL PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT- revised - Required for Registration

Parental Participation Agreement Spanish

Medical Liability Waiver - Required for Registration.

WYSA Uniform Order Form- ONLINE REVISED - Excel form for managers to complete uniform orders.

Scholarship Request Form-  Please note that we have a fairly limited finances for this fund. Allocation of these fees will be based on need.

WYSA Formulario para Solicitud de Beca

2013-2014 Manager Information Central- General Information Sheet for Managers to refer to.

WYSA Fees Reporting Form - This is a tool for managers to track payments.

Lightning Safety Policy - City of Wilson Parks and Recreation Lightning Policy – July 2, 2012



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